Neues Album:          It Just Happens
Release Date:           26.October 2018
CD Release concert: 30.October 2018
Enjoy Jazz Festival
Alte Feuerwache Mannheim

double bill: Haz’art Trio & Beyond Borders Band

Haz’art Trio and Beyond Borders Band develop both their own idea of synthesizing oriental and western music culture. Their close personal relationship and their efforts to discover one another’s culture enable the band to create music which does not simply connect different elements but rather unifies both cultures in order to become something new.

Now at Enjoy Jazz Festival a new live music-film composition will have its premiere. It was created together with Eduardo Serrano and Klàra Hoskova who are tied to the project since its beginning and have been documenting the band’s process on video ever since.

Beyond Borders Band started out as a quartet, having first met in the 2011 workshop „Orient meets Occident“ at Festival of young artists Bayreuth. While in the beginning they consisted of Fadhel Boubaker (oud) from Tunisia and Jonathan Sell (double bass) and Niko Seibold (saxophone) from Germany they soon included Dominik Fürstberger on drum set and percussion which led to the 2013 debut album Un Coup Du Destin.

Around that time Fadhel Boubaker, Jonathan Sell and Dominik Fürstberger began experimenting in a more condensed trio setting, embracing electric-acoustic sounds. In March 2017 they released their first album Infinite Chase (Vladimir Ivanoff - The Muse Alliance) under the name Haz’art Trio.

The band’s unique history between cultures, between Mannheim and Tunis, will be displayed by Eduardo Serrano (film) and Klàra Hoskova (conceptualization). The movie first sets in the year of the Jasmine Revolution, also known as the Arab Spring Revolution and tells a story of shared experiences and friendship on a deep level of transcultural understanding. In its center: the question of cultural and musical identity.

The concert at Enjoy Jazz Festival on 30th October 2018 will also be the official release concert of Beyond Borders Band’s second album It Just Happens (2018 HOUT records).

Fadhel Boubaker – oud
Niko Seibold – alto and soprano saxophones
Jonathan Sell – double bass
Dominik Fürstberger – drum set, percussion, live electronics

Eduardo Serrano : film
Antonio Pipolo : live projektion
Klara Hoskova : Interviews, Recherche

Door open: 7pm Concert starts: 8pm



CD Release Tour - It just happens

19.10. // Kunsthaus Seelscheid
20.10 // Jazz in der Altstadt Eppingen 
28.10. // Kultur am Putzenstein Thurnau 
30.10. // CD Release Concert „It Just Happens“ 
Enjoy Jazz Festival, Alte Feuerwache Mannheim 

2.11. // L’Agora Tunis (TUN)
3.11. // L’Agora Tunis (TUN)
5.11. // University Jendouba (TUN)
08.11. // Galerie YD Neuchâtel (CH)
09.11. // Kreuz Kultur Solothurn (CH)
11.11. // Die Breite 63 Saarbrücken 
15.11. // Kulturbunker  Mühlheim/Köln 
16.11. // COMMUNITYartCENTERmannheim
17.11. // Backstage Fulda

01.-23.01. // residency, Uncool Festival - Poschiavo (CH)
18.01. // Caffe Bar Penedosso – Poschiavo (IT)
19.01. // Uncool Festival – Poschiavo (CH)
31.01. // Die Fabrik Frankfurt 
07.02. // Jazzclub Armer Konrad Weinstadt


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